2013 Goals and Ideas

I loved making my Life List for Camp Mighty and Go Mighty- the big picture of things I wanted to do with my life, in general, anytime. 2013 is much more concrete. There's more pressure because of the time limit. But I loved doing it for 2012 and am excited about the prospect of a new year.

1. Finish the house projects & landscaping before our sweet babe #2 arrives at the end of March. I won't be doing much of the manual labor, but I'd like to help make sure that it gets done, so I'm including it as goal #1. I'll be doing the fun, pretty stuff- paint colors, flea markets, hanging paintings, etc.

2. Continue to expand my photography business. I taught my first workshop on photographing kids last month and it was awesome. And I've been asked to teach it again at Treehouse Kid & Craft in Athens, GA in February and I'm super excited. I'd love to host a few more workshops this year.

3. Keep up with my Daily Kid Pic. I did a much better job at photographing and uploading in 2012 than 2011. Was it because it was on my list of goals? I'm not sure, but I liked the results and I don't want to jinx it- especially with sweet babe #2 coming in March. We'll keep the same Flickr set for both kids. And they'll get their own "year-end" books.

4. Have photos in Anthology Magazine.

5. Take a calligraphy class.

6. Read 12 books. One a month seems like a lot, given my reading past, but what the heck, go big, right?! After I write this list, I'm off to the local bookstore to pick up a few new reads & use my Christmas gift cards!*

7. Find a charity, donate $500, and volunteer with them on a regular basis. This is actually a request from my grandmother who passed away last year. Luckily she gave me the money to donate, so that's not the issue. The hard part is choosing the charity when there are so many. I know I want a local organization that focuses on children's education (reading or nutrition). And bonus points if my 4 year old can volunteer with me. Please let me know if you have any recommendations!!

8. Write book proposal and get the ball rolling on my coffee table book idea. Carried-over from last year because this did not happen at all.

9. Be a better cook. I wish I could write "Enjoy cooking" as my goal, but that seems like an impossibility. I don't enjoy it, but I know that eating healthy as a family is super duper important. Maybe my goal needs to be more tangible- like "Try a new recipe once per week"- or something like that. I think I need to get a few new things for the kitchen- handheld blender, measuring cups, and maybe a Vitamix! When my son says, "Thanks, Chef Kate," I'd like to feel like I've earned it.

My goals & ideas for 2012 can be found here. Apparently I skipped writing down goals and ideas for 2011, but my list for 2010 can be found here. What are your plans for the year??

*Update: After writing this post I went to Mountain Bookshop and scored some books! Have you read any of these?