Goals and Ideas for 2010

Here is my list of goals which I'd like to accomplish this year. 

1. Be a better blogger. I like blogging and I need to make time to do more of it.  

2. Be prepared for trip to Brazil in March. We're already making plans, but I'd like to actually read about where we're going and what we're seeing so I'm not going blindly into Brazil. Feel free to recommend any great books. 

3. Read more books (about Brazil or otherwise).

4. Learn to sew. Even if it means taking lessons. I'd like to have a complete set of alphabet letters by the end of the year.

5. Continue with Picture of the Day series. I could be better at getting the photos uploaded to Flickr in a more timely manner, but I wouldn't want to overextend myself :)

6. Be more mindful about the use of paper towels in our home. This may require buying some Bird-E towels

7. Be a better cook. I'm 32 and I'm now, maybe, just possibly, hopefully starting to enjoy cooking. My pal Hugh is coming out with a cookbook which will be a must-have in our home. If we've got it, I should learn a few things from it, right? I'd also like to check out Thomas Keller's new book, ad hoc at home. As I type this list, I'm making mac-n-cheese from a box. My goal is to not be in this predicament this time next year.  

8. Volunteer for Homeless Prenatal Program

9. Become proficient in using Aperture

10. Brush & floss my teeth more frequently than I did in 2009.