Life List

Here goes nothing, kids. This is what I want to do, this is my LIFE LIST, inspired by Maggie Mason and Go Mighty and in honor of next week's Camp Mighty (which I'll be attending as the official photographer!!).

  1. See snow on a beach
  2. Outdoor movie night
  3. Visit Cuba done!
  4. Attend Kentucky Derby
  5. Photograph every house I’ve lived in (I just counted 32 plus a boat)
  6. Choose top 10 list for friends visiting SF
  7. Dinner at Ad Hoc
  8. Take calligraphy class
  9. Learn French
  10. Take violin lessons
  11. Take piano lessons
  12. Paris foodie for a day: (copy text Travel & Leisure... need to write this out)
  13. Camping at Steep Ravine Cabins done- photo above!!
  14. Go whale watching
  15. Learn how to build/make a fire
  16. Make Halloween costume for my son (bi-plane) done!
  17. Live abroad: Paris or Stockholm
  18. Organize and host a photography workshop done!
  19. See phosphorescence in the ocean done!
  20. African safari
  21. See the Pantheon 
  22. See Cinque Terra
  23. Sail Greek islands
  24. Visit Croatia
  25. Take a night train through Europe done!
  26. See Fallingwater
  27. Make Photography coffee table book about Eichlers
  28. Get Jess Brown doll
  29. Experience New York City at Christmas
  30. Have photos appear in Anthology magazine
  31. Have house featured in a print magazine
  32. Have wedding feature on Snippet & Ink
  33. Have wedding feature on 100 Layer Cake
  34. Have photos appear in Rue magazine
  35. Take son on a hot-air balloon ride
  36. Find a local charity, donate $500, and volunteer with them on a regular basis
  37. Go on a yoga retreat
  38. Fly first-class
  39. Take a riverboat vacation. Europe? Africa?
  40. Write one letter a day to friends/family for two weeks straight
  41. Fly a plane done!
  42. Sail a boat done!
  43. Live on a boat as an adult
  44. Help someone else accomplish a life list goal
  45. Sing a song with a live band done! (with a non-alc beer since i was very pregnant)
  46. Have a wonderful 10 year wedding anniversary party with all our friends/family
  47. Throw a surprise party
  48. Tour with a band done!
  49. Rent an RV and tour New Zealand with just my dad done!
  50. Take my mom on vacation (just the two of us)
  51. Make photo album for my son
  52. Photo everyday for one year of my son done!
  53. Make 10 personal "Top 10" lists
  54. Write a children's book (I already have the basic idea)
  55. Eat at State Bird Provisions
  56. Attend a Mighty event. done- I'm the official photographer at this year's Camp Mighty!!
  57. Attend Jay Maisel's photography workshop in New York
  58. Spend a week in the South of France with my family
  59. Attend a Crafting Community event