Happy Anniversary: 3 Years

Right now, my sweet husband is presumably reading stories to our 3 year boy while I sit in a coffee shop to hammer out some work. He's basically and absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me. He's kind and honest, devastatingly handsome, and does the dishes & laundry (he's actually way tidier than I am- what a find!!).

We recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary (I'll save you the math… we got married after our son was born) and he surprised me with the coolest anniversary present: yellow leather shoes from Camper. 3rd anniversaries are celebrated with leather gifts. Full list of traditional & modern anniversary gift can be found here. Note: the modern ones seem full-on ridiculous to me (diamonds are suggested on the 10th anniversary on the modern list, compared to 60th anniversary on the traditional list). 

Aren't these shoes rad?! He picked them out himself, because he's smart & stylish, too. I love them to pieces and our son calls them my "fancy shoes." Here are a few photos of them. 

Chris, I hope the boy goes to bed without giving you any gruff. Thanks for letting me have a little evening escape. You rule. I'll be home shortly.