Heath Ceramics San Francisco

We had a wonderful day in San Francisco, despite the dreary weather. First things first, we went to a birthday party at House of Air. Our son had the best time ever jumping on their trampolines and we enjoyed delicious coffee and British tea sandwiches :) and cake! 

After the party, we went to CB2, H.D. Buttercup, and Heath Ceramics- and it was pretty clear: we love everything they have. CB2 (downtown SF) is having a great floor sample sale right now and H.D. Buttercup is having their half-yearly sale so get on it if you need anything! We picked up our new kitchen light. We spotted it months ago, but didn't buy it. Since then, we haven't found anything else we like better, so we bought it yesterday at 20% off- yay!! 

Everyone loves Heath Ceramics. My favorite place is their overstock room in Sausalito, where they sell boxes of their amazing tile for much less because they're second-quality. I wrote about our visit here. We did our kitchen backsplash with the overstock tile and we love it! You can see a little bit of the backsplash in this messy-house post. We didn't make it to Sausalito yesterday because Heath opened up a new factory and showroom in SF! And since they're smart & awesome, they asked Blue Bottle Coffee to share their space. Naturally we got warm drinks first before heading into the Heath shop. 

We're right in the middle of master bedroom and bathroom renovations and want to use some Heath tile in the shower. I love the triangle tile so much and am hoping we can get that for the shower. I also got to check out the new linens by Willow Ship and Alabama Chanin, two independent, female-run businesses that I admire greatly. Willow Ship is even based right here in San Francisco! Here are some photos from our visit to Heath. Have you been to their new shop?