Landscaping is a go!

And we're off! Let the landscaping planning party begin! Last night we did some final measurements of our property for the landscape plans. Luckily we're working with the greatest landscape designer around- MY MOM!! I know, I'm super lucky to have a rad mom who's speciality is rockin' out some sweet landscaping! We're looking to have a nice, clean, modern landscape look and I can't wait to see what unfolds. 

While we measured I spotted another fruit tree! I'm seriously amazed at all of the fruit trees we have! And it seems like I discover a new one every week! Remember when I discovered that our "non fruit-bearing apricot tree" actually has fruit!? Last night I discovered that we have a persimmon tree, too! That bring our collection to the following: concord grapes, lemon, orange, peach, apricot, kumquat, and now persimmon! Plus we get apples and figs that generously grow over from our neighbors' fence! JACKPOT. And Fruit Party details coming in a few months ;)

We have a few key things we really want in our backyard. We're super lucky to live in the Bay Area of Northern California and can spend a lot of time outside! Here's our list of must-haves:

•Outdoor Kitchen

•Dining Area

•Kid Play Structure (my slick husband is going to build something similar to the one in the photo below)

•Shallow Water Space

•Daybed/Lounge Area

•Fire Pit

•Veggies in Containers (my slick husband doesn't know he's going to build something similar to the ones below)

I've been collecting pretty things on my Pinterest Outside board for a few months, but it's time to get serious. Here are my top have inspiration photos. 

What's the favorite part of your outside space?

links to sources (did the best I could)

top photo: Play Structure and Modern Landscape

middle photo: Modern Landscape, Deck (warning: tumblr rabbit hole), and Chevron Planter Boxes

bottom photo: Toe-Dippin' Water and Splash Pad