I am loving the new clothes from ittikid. This jumpsuit with apple pockets makes me want my little boy to grow up a little bit just so that I can see him running around in it! I know time will pass quickly enough on it's own, so I'll shut up now about wanting the boy to grow up faster! Back to ittikids! All of their clothes are really fun- great colors and wild graphics... clouds, elephants, acrobats, and more! I've also got my eye on this adorable pair of red sailor pants. Luckily, they're on sale. Looks like they're based in Northern California... wonder if they need any new friends?!

According to their website... ittikid was started in 2007 by Danish born designer, Melanie Miller. After selling her Los Angeles based family lifestyle store yolk in 2006, Melanie, along with husband Hus, and son Oliver, moved to Northern California to be closer to family, and to try their hand at Country living! With beauty and tranquility comes inspiration, and ittikid was born shortly thereafter.