Our Wedding

Now that we've recovered from our April wedding, I'd like to share some photos. We got hitched at Little Kings Shuffle Club, in Athens, Georgia, moments before the wildest thunderstorm I've ever seen.

We had a short and sweet ceremony with our immediate family. After the courtyard ceremony and photos in front of the kitschy turquoise trailer, we moved the party inside. Chris and his boys backlined the stage with amps and instruments. After the appetizers, we rocked!

We had a week in Athens, but it went by so quickly and I wish we could have spent a month! It was so amazing to see all of our friends and family who came to celebrate our new life together.

Here are a few photos from the lovely and talented ZoomWorks and their blog. I'm using their photos from their blog until I get them all on a disc. Flowers were arranged by the super swank Gardenia Floral Design.