To-do lists

Sometimes, especially with a six-month old baby, things don't get done. In the last few months, my to-do list has looked pretty much the same:

•Write Baby & Wedding thank yous... I'm so far behind on this project it's embarrassing.

•Work on web & print stuff for Athens Wedding Professionals.

•Write in the baby book.

•Work on a logo design for Gardenia Floral Design's new, top-secret venture.

•Take the dog to the park.

•Take my vitamins, brush my teeth, and wash my face (a surprisingly great accomplishment if I do all 3 in a day!!)

•There are always dishes, laundry, and sweeping that need to be done. I'm so lucky that my husband does a stellar job with housekeeping duties! I highly recommend a husband like Chris; he's the best person I know.

Dishes, laundry, and sweeping are the only real things that get done around here (mostly because of Chris). The dog gets to go to the park sometimes, but I'm trying to get that done everyday because she's still a puppy and loves to run like a lunatic!

So, in order for me not to feel like a complete failure when it comes to my to-do list, I make a mental note of all the things I did do... changed 7 diapers (including 2 blowouts), changed the baby's clothes twice, had granola for breakfast and a bagel for lunch, read all of our Dr. Seuss books twice, fed the baby 4 times, practiced sitting up, sang songs, and played on the floor. Generally speaking, that's how my days go. I think my schedule may allow for a little more "me" time, as the babe starts to take legitimate naps.