A Shower for Baby Valentino

Woohoo! Hooray for friends having babies!! 

I hosted a shower today for my super-pal, Jill. She's expecting her first baby (a boy) on Valentine's Day. I used that idea and made little chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with hearts and other cute and delicious things. I also bought a bunch of candy and chocolate and we all dined on the fine quiches that Jill's husband made! 

I brought a bunch of onesies, baby pants, and baby shirts to decorate with fabric paint. I've seen this idea on other blogs. Originally I saw an idea on the Design Mom using bleach instead of fabric paint. And I also saw this on mer mag where they used freezer paper. We just moved and are renovating our house... therefore, we have a lot of painters tape lying around! Perfect and easy and makes for pleasantly straight lines on otherwise hard-to-manage fabric. I attached a few photos below... it was great to see that some ladies did it freehand and others used the tape. What do you think? What are your favorite non-cheesy activities for a baby shower?

Jill got cute little slippers (duck? chick?) and she decided that it'd be cute to put one on Prima's paw and it was cute! She left it on all afternoon :)

It was a wonderful afternoon full of lovely ladies and unexpected sunshine!

Next on my list of things to do in my spare time... my favorite things & ideas that have greatly contributed to my parenting career. 


Rue Magazine! West Coast Launch Party

Last night was the super sweet launch party for the new online magazine, Rue! It's full of amazing photos, lovely interiors, shopping, fashion, and more. I love it! And I also love Anne Sage, the co-founder and exec editor. Her blog (the city sage) is seriously one of the most stunning blogs on-the-line. Last night the Kate Spade store in Corte Madera played kind host to the Rue launch party... cupcakes, cocktails, candy, and so many pretty girls. Single dudes- you could do worse than show up at a lifestyle magazine party (or a design blogger's party)!!! Do check out Rue and Anne! But first check out a few shots from last night's West Coast Launch Party!