Alternative to Holiday Cards

Since my husband and I started our family, I’ve been pretty good about sending out our holiday cards every December. I take the time to write a message on each card and my older son writes his name on each one. He also helps me with stamping and licking the envelopes. It’s so fun and so sweet and I love sending out cards. It’s not a burden or a time suck; I really love doing it. But here’s what I don’t love… after the holidays come and go, I’m an ass and rarely send out thank you cards. We have SO much to be thankful for and SO many wonderful people in our lives that I hang my head low whenever I think about not sending thank you cards. Then one day last month a super slick idea popped into my head- Kate! Send the freaking cards in January! It can be a Hope You Have a Happy New Year and/or Thanks for Being an Awesome card! I can send them thanks and postal service hugs and wish them well! Holy smokies, I think this is awesome.

So look for our card in January. While you're waiting patiently, you can reminisce over our card from December 2012, before our little guy became our big guy and I was 6 months pregnant. 

There are a few other interesting ideas I came across when I did a quick search of the www

Play While You Wait & giveaway!

Does the thought of standing in line for Santa pictures, trying to keep your little ones from running off and destroying the giant holiday display, just to get a few $40 5x7 glossies stress you out?

It's definitely not my favorite advent activity! But Rachelle on my FB blogger group posted this great event! Parenthoods mobile app & Obébé Organic teamed up to make the Santa experience a fun and easy one. 
When we arrived, we signed in and the boys could play in the great space at Recess. Dad and I tagged-teamed watching the boys and snacking on Sprogs (snacks made from brown rice hand-pressed with veggies, protein and other yummy ingredients!!!) & Kara's Cupcakes. UrbanSitter was there helping with crafts and chatting to parents. They were also handing out gift cards for $75 to use on UrbanSitter. Someone just pressed the easy button! For real. And it was FREEEEE. It was like a great playdate and we got our Santa pics done by Leda Mast Photography!! What a treat. Both Santa and Leda were relaxed, kind, and gentle. Our little guy wasn't super thrilled about sitting on Santa's lap, so the whole family joined in and I think it'll make a sweet pic!! 

If you live in SF or the greater Bay Area, be sure to check out the Parenthoods mobile app- it's a great social networking app for parents. It's a great platform for playdates, questions, etc. It's for the real talk- a place to share your wins and misses, and to get advice. 

I am giving away a gift card from UrbanSitter! It's $75, for new customers only, and expires at the end of January. Any moms out there looking for a little break?!?! Just leave me a comment below if you're interested! I'll randomly pick a winner on Friday, December 12. 

(I know it's a pretty company-laden post, but I just want to say that I'm not being paid or compensated for this post. No one asked me to write anything, but we had such a nice time that I wanted to share all the great people who made it happen)

Parenthoods co-founders, Jeni Axline and Siobhan Quinn.