Friday Finds: Royal Buffet

I spent part of my night looking for awesome things on the internet (and watching Project Runway). I was stopped in my tracks when I found the sweet, sweet work of Mollie Greene and her Royal Buffet Etsy Shop (I saw the mobiles on oh, hello friend). She makes beautiful mobiles, wreaths, puppets, and more out of recycled paper (including books and French magazines). Everything is really just delightful!! Here are a few photos from her shop…


To celebrate my trek across the Bay, today's Friday Finds theme is Cephalopods (you know, squid, octopuses, etc.)! Pretty sure we don't have squid in these parts, but the idea of water/sea life is close enough, right? Right.

I've found the best three things on Etsy to fit the category. Let's get to it, shall we?

Skunkboy Creatures brings us Ophelia Octopus. She is about 2 apples tall and is made from recycled felt, vintage fabric, buttons, thread, wire, and stuffing. Go get her here.

Squid Ink Kollective has squid linens. Irresistible! I am in LOVE with this color, but they have actually sold. They have other colors; check out the red/orange and blue/green. I'm going to hold out for the mustard squid linens.

boygirlparty  I follow Susie on Twitter (@boygirlparty) and I was excited to see that she has the cutest Socktopus ever! Eight arms = 4 knit socks! But are they sock-wearers? You be the judge... check out her fine art print here