The Four Coursemen on TV

We were supposed to fly to Georgia over the weekend, but plans fell apart when I started puking on Friday. I'd been blessed with one heckuva stomach bug. I've since recuperated and have made it safely to my mommy's house. We enjoying snow, family, and lots of animals (2 crazy dogs and 2 weird cats)... and the coolest toddler on the planet. 

Instead of heading "home" to Athens, I got to see it on TV!! A few pals are part of the supergroup of the (Athenian) kitchen, The Four Coursemen, and they had their own special (pilot??) on The Cooking Channel and it was really well done, interesting, and entertaining! It's going to air a few times over the next few weeks, check your local listings. In the meantime, you can read about the experience we had last year at one of their magical dinners here.