Satisfactory Printing

I've written about Satisfactory Printing before (birthday wishes), but they're worth mentioning again. They're a feisty and fun company led by a favorite fellow of mine, Nick Canada. He's really built up quite a business. 10 years ago he was printing t-shirts in his living room. Our businesses started to thrive around the same time. My first studio was $500 per month and Nick somehow scored an amazing little basement cave for something like $3 per month. We both moved around a lot and eventually I moved away.

When I went back to visit, I was pleasantly surprised to see Nick has new digs, an amazing warehouse space. I was lucky enough to have a bit of time to take some photos... he has a marquee outside, a great mural, and a company cat (named Tuesday, I think). The best part is that he owns the space… no more pesky landlords! Go Nick & Team Satisfactory (Melinda, Claire, Nick's brother, etc.). Nick's working with fancy names like MailChimp, Iron & Wine, Georgia Music Hall of Fame and various awesome Athens-related jams (Of Montreal, R.E.M., and Grit).

In addition to shirts and posters for clients, they also have their own line of clothing available in their Etsy shop. Have you seen this awesome dress?!! Get stuff now, rumor has it that they're about to take their designs to the fancy shops…