My Birthday

My birthday is next week and my mom is wondering what to get me. I hadn't given it much thought until I saw this J.Crew sweater... how lovely! Sweaters are a year-round must in San Francisco (brr, August). I decided to put together this little post to talk about things I want. We'll start with the irresistible sweater... top photo!

Hometown heroes (that's Athens, for those keeping track) Satisfactory Printing are pumping out the jams in screenprinting! I have know Nick Canada (top dog at Satisfactory) for 10+ years and am so glad that he's doing so well. I love this lightweight yellow scarf!

My Dansko clogs have been on my feet for 6 straight years. I take them off only to sleep! I love the high arch, their all-day-long comfort, and the extra two inches of height they give me! But after 6 years, they're wearing out. I polish them weekly, but the color is really fading. The staple stitches are coming out and there is a hole in the bottom.

I used to love to give and receive magazine subscriptions, but everything is online these days! I hate to see the decline in beautiful print magazines, but it's better than a decline in trees, right? Right.

You can't go wrong with simple black picture frames, vases (with flowers as a bonus), Gift cards to H&M, Forever 21, Borders, Home Depot (for plants!!), Anthropologie or In-Town Antiques are always welcome.