New Logo

I'm trying out a new logo (see above). Feel free to share your thoughts... 

"People Need People" posters

I'd like to donate some monies to Habitat for Humanity and Mennonite Central Committee for their relief efforts in Haiti. I ache for everything that's happened in Haiti. We are soooo lucky to be alive. We are healthy Americans… did you know we've won the geographic lottery?? Treasure everything, ok?

I'm selling these "People Need People" posters for $12 each here in my Etsy Shop. I'll donate $6 per poster ($3 to HfH and $3 to MCC) until the end of February. And then I think I'm going to donate money to Nuçi's Space in Athens. And then after that, I'll give some money to the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco. Who's next? I'm up for suggestions.