Iron Craft: Week 3

I'm not going to lie... I already had this Iron Craft challenge done. But I love it! And it's easy enough for anyone to do!! And there's no sewing involved- awesome for a very novice sew-er like me. I made it last year for my son's birthday party and put his name on the front. We still have it up in his playroom and it rules :) 

Here's how I made it:

Step 1: cut paper into triangles. Step 2: Punch holes at top (I used a 2-hole punch). Step 3: Thread ribbon through holes (I used 5/8 double face satin ribbon from Midori because that's what I had on hand). Step 4: (Optional) write name/message on the triangles... happy birthday, etc. Step 5: Display in all it's pretty glory! I put a small nail in the window frame and tied the ribbon around it in a knot. 

A few photos for you. 


Iron Craft: Week 2

Hooray- better late than never! This week's Iron Craft challenge was to make a 'door snake' or 'draft dodger' ...our house is so cold and we only have one door! So I decided to make a different kind of snake for my best friend's new baby boy. I had some sweater pieces leftover from a blanket I made for my son (awesome blog post here). I'm so glad I kept those few extra pieces. It's a little funny looking the way it's snout scoops up, but can we just say that it adds character, ok? Here are a few pics, beginning, middle, and end. Cheers, crafters!

Next week's challenge is bunting. Yay!!