For your weekend

I love these shoes! They're the inspiration behind the whole outfit. Let's go camping in a cool treehouse in this outfit. Or crush grapes! Something kinda fun, but a little outdoorsy. We were supposed to head up to St. Helena last night (thanks, Helen Jane), but had to cancel because I was struck down with the flu earlier in the week. Boohoo. I'm feeling better now, but am glad that I still have Sunday to recover before my husband heads back to work. Anyway, I'd have worn something like this to St. Helena. Next time!

1. JCrew vest

2. Target shirt

3. JCrew backpack

4. Urban Outfitters jeans

5. Converse from Free People


What I'd like to wear

With a messy little boy around, it's hard to play dress-up. Oh, and can I just say he'd break the sunglasses in seconds? So I'm going to share with you a little outfit I put together for this grey San Francisco day. Sometimes grey days are harsh on the eyes, so I am including sunglasses. 

1. Anthropologie Sweater

2. KellyDrive snap hat (hello, it's reversible!!)

3. RayBan Sunglasses from Martin + OSA

4. Scabby Robot Cream Suede Bag

5. Banana Republic Pants

6. Vintage Boots from Thrush