Blog It Forward!

I'm constantly inspired by people who get things done! I try to be organized, keeping my head above water, but it always seems like something is always falling by the wayside. Sometimes it's by accident (oops, I forgot to get milk at the store) and other times it's by default (dang, I can only get 18 out of 20 things done today). Currently, I'm lamenting the fact that I got my Blog it Forward date wrong. I thought it was Monday (tomorrow), but really it was last Friday. Aw, dang. Well, better late than never, right?

If you're here for the first time, let me just do a quick introduction: I'm Kate. I recently moved to San Francisco from Athens Georgia. I live with my amazing & brilliant husband, one year old son, and our dog & cat. I do a little work, here and there... graphic design and stationery- check out my Etsy shop for more. 

So, I'm inspired by the world around me.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Photo of the Day! I take photos of my son and couldn't wish for a cuter subject...

Mirror World. This was initially a project started by my former roommate, but he's since taken down his website. I always loved the collection of photos he found so I've decided to carry on the tradition. 

Good music... Tin Cup Prophette, Neutral Milk Hotel, Neko Case, and Andrew Bird are my go-tos. Recently, I've been devouring Bon Iver and A.A. Bondy

What I used to consider simple pleasures before I had a baby are now all-out luxuries: good breakfast, sipping coffee, reading books (Nurture Shock, by the way, was amazingly inspiring!), and sleeping in until sunrise. 

I also really LOVE spelling bees, fresh flowers, everything Jay Ryan creates, sunny days in San Francisco, clean sheets, Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, and Athens Georgia. 

I'm inspired every day by other bloggers... some of my favorites include: Oh Happy DayCity Sage, Desire to Inspire, and Simple Song

All my other favorite things/people/places are scattered throughout this blog, or "web journal," as my husband calls it. You can also scour my Delicious page and my Flickr page

Cheers, Kate

ps- blog it forward continues. Visit the Blog it Forward page for other participants. 

Photo of the Day

 Mirror World


jetkatnatalie.jpg My good friend and business associate Natalie Bradley- formerly of Soirée!, Ltd. has started a new endeavor! She is helping clients better organize their affairs and those getting into event planning. She is currently offering workshops for those entering the event planning industry. You can go to the website for more information. She has started offering workshops to educate brides, grooms and their families on how to better plan their weddings. She is still planning fabulous weddings and events (image to left is from Kerri and Scott's wedding). Check out her website at