Rainbow Birthday Party

A Rainbows and Planes TRIPLE birthday party!!! Sara puts on the best triple birthday parties every year. Her husband, son, and daughter's birthdays all fall right around the same time so she does one big she-bang. Her daughter wanted rainbows and her son requested planes (and her husband just went with the flow!) Everything was so sweet and so well done! There were crafts... rainbow bead necklaces, construction paper rainbows, painting your own airplanes, and a RAD watercolor spray bottle FUN TIME out back! Sara and her business partner, Vida, have their own Party company called Tiny Celebrations, so they know PARTIES!! Here are a few photos from the very beautiful and colorful day!

Rainbows in the windows

She made rainbow cloud wands!

Rainbow party hats and dishes full of rainbow goodness for the necklace-making. 

Even Rainbow FOOD

Watercolors stuck to a white sheet. Just add water and you've got the funnest party idea EVER!

OH MY I loved these little construction paper rainbows

Play the Rainbow!

Veggies in every color


See the jelly beans?! They were arranged by color! Eat the red, pink, and orange first and you'll discover the yellow, greens, and blues below! Genius idea and execution by the birthday girl. 

Everything was ship-shape and styled to perfection!

Necklace beads

The sweetest little favor bags! 

Aren't I waiting so patiently?!

Happy Birthday!!

For real, y'all. This is serious. 


Let's do it again!

Camping Birthday Party

He's two. I didn't really want to have a party to celebrate him getting older because I don't want him to get older. I kinda want him to be small and snuggly forever. Try as I might, I have no control over the aging baby, so I'll savor the snuggles while they last. Last fall we booked a cabin at Steep Ravine and decided to invite my parents and brother over for the afternoon to celebrate our little one's birthday. It was a no-fuss party, just love and happiness :) My stepdad made breakfast burritos and my sis-in-law-to-be made a smoked salmon quiche. Amanda made his crown. I didn't really make anything, but I did take some photos...

(We've been to Steep Ravine before... this was our favorite trip and then this time Gardenista used my photos)