Updating Kid Pics

Way back when my first son was born, I made the lofty goal of posting one photo per day in our Daily Kid Pic album. It was a good run, lasting well over a year, but I've posted fewer and fewer photos as the years have gone by. Although it's not daily anymore, it's still a pretty sweet little archive of our boys. And it was one of the biggest contributors to my growth as a photographer. If you photograph the same subject everyday you will also see better results. You'll start to be more aware of the background, lighting, and placement of your subject. When I was posting everyday, it was tough to just choose one photo for the day. You really have to look at your photos and figure out what you like about certain ones. Looking at your photos is a unique challenge in these times of iPhonography, right?! We take tons, but rarely take the time to examine what we've taken. 

I had some extra time this morning (thanks Mom & Tom for watching the kids!!) so I updated our Flickr site this morning. Have you ever done a photo challenge? What have you learned?