Landscaping Progress

Holy smokes- it's been three months since I've posted! Are y'all still there? With our on-going landscape project, a 4 year old, and our new baby, life is full right now. My nights aren't my own like they used to be before our new little baby-kins arrived. But I have a moment now to sit down and share some landscaping goodness. Since we purchased the house in the fall of 2011, we've mostly been working on renovating the inside of the house. We've done all the work ourselves (and by we, I mean my amazing husband, Chris. We sometimes get helping hands like my brother and dad, as well as Chris's dad and step-mom). I haven't posted much on the progress inside because I feel like I won't be ready to share until it's more complete... or at least until we're unpacked ;) If you want more, click on the Eichler tag at the bottom of the post. As for the yard renovations, we knew that my mom would do a stand-up job!! Northern California is all about outdoor living and Eichler home are the epitome of this concept! We'll have 2 dining areas, an outdoor kitchen, a lounging area (rocking chair & chaise), a play structure, and lots of awesome plants! 

We started measuring just over a year ago (thank you, Instagram photo, for helping keep our timeline straight). Below are some progress photos of our landscaping. I've posted a few before shots on Instagram (here and here). And early progress (here, here, and here. And I do love this photo of our Monterey Pine that Sumaiyya (thought foundrie) posted on her Instagram. Yowsers- what would this post be without Instagram!???

so, I'll give you a little tour! First photo, we have a new fence! You won't believe what a joy it's been to have a fence up again after months without a fence (and glass walls/windows!!!). It's black and so awesome! Our giant Monterey Pine was taken down, all 70+ feet of it (have you ever seen a 70 foot tree trunk with a chainsaw at the top?)


This is the inside courtyard. That pipe is for the future fire pit! And I got those Salterini knock-off chairs today (craigslist). Like all good things that pass through my hands, they'll be painted turquoise. Thank you, Chris, for *kind of* agreeing to let me paint them turquoise!


The back yard. Really the only thing that's the same is the lemon tree. I don't have a great before shot of this area, but this will have to do. It was basically all old deck, weeds, and dog poop (check out this one -the photo isn't of dog poop, I promise). There will be a lounging area under the lemon tree. A bamboo forest for the boys (dear neighbors, it will be carefully planted), some grass, and a sweet path way that goes all the way around (for bikes and other kid-vehicles). There will be a dining table on the concrete in the foreground and a play structure behind where I'm standing. 


The front walkway has nice steps with rocks (mexican beach pebbles). The house is going to be a dark grey with grey beams and trim


Front courtyard (future fire pit is off to the left). Orange tree is moderately intact from the beating it took from the pine tree. 


We picked up some kick-ass plants from my super favorite nursery: Flora Grubb in San Francisco! This is an aloe tree and I'm so excited about it! This is what it'll look like when it's all grown up. Here is a pic of the other plants I got at Flora Grubb.


SOOOOO, what do you think?!?! What's your favorite part about YOUR yard? 

Some days I feel like this project will never end, but I know it will. And in the meantime, we're just trying to enjoy it as it is right now.