It's a Boy!

We're thrilled to share some photos of our new sweet son, who was born 4 days past due, on Sunday, March 24, 2013. He clocked in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce and 21 inches in length. 

Labor and delivery was painful, but smooth, kind of quick, and drug-free. My great husband and my mom were both there. Oh, and let's give a special HOORAY for midwives everywhere! Lin Lee at Bay Area Maternity & Women's Health was so helpful during labor. With her guidance I was able to deliver our son without tearing which is just about the best thing ever. 

We came home on Tuesday and are adjusting to life with a 4 year old, a newborn, dog, cat, relatives, and major renovations inside and outside our house. We live in a glass house without a fence and a lot of workers- it's the opposite of private, but there's nothing I can do- so I'm just going with the flow. Would you believe our bed broke the night we brought our lovebug home from the hospital? And I have a stress fracture on my foot and can barely walk :) Life here is hectic, but we're taking it in stride and trying to enjoy every minute of it! I know things will settle down soon. 

(We've decided to not share his name on the blog, as we've done with our older son.)