Happy Father's Day

My son & husband both LOVE LEGOS. When I saw this project on Pinterest, I knew we could create something similar and fun in about 20 minutes. I had the boy round up some legos while I got the paper and watercolors. Easy setup and there was a big pool that made clean up fun! Everything got tossed into the pool, including the paint. Then there was a "digging for gold" (digging for Legos) party later. Everything was pretty awesome. It was so neat to see what shape each of the Lego pieces made on the paper. The double horseshoe/U is from the Lego people feet. And the bottom of palm tree created a nice circle. 

And just in case handmade lego stamp artwork wasn't enough, we gave Chris an Oaklandish shirt- the one with the cranes that inspired the AT-AT Walkers from Star Wars. We love you, Daddy!

What did y'all do for Father's Day?