Eichler Home Tour

I love our sweet little community. Yesterday was the home tour and we couldn't be happier with our neighborhood. We loved looking at all of the houses, riding our bikes around neighborhood, and meeting new people! We got so many ideas for our landscaping renovation! Don't you love the bamboo?! I took a few photos between bike stops and juggling the toddler. Our son was a trooper- he was great at holding hands with us at every home and got a super surprise between house 3 & 4 where some neighbors had a slip & slide out for the kids. Since we didn't have a change of clothes, he asked if he could just take off all his clothes. What followed was basically the highlight of his life. And then to top it off, the "after party" had a few girls to chase & hug, which is really all he wants out of life right now. 

Here are some, hope you enjoy.