Feather Love Workshop Part 2

With some hard work and elbow grease, the life as a photographer that I aspire to, is attainable. I learned and experienced so much at the Feather Love Workshop because Noa Azoulay-Sclater has so much passion for photography and art, be damned what others say or think. 

The workshop was the perfect mix of art, technical, and business. Noa spent the first day talking and sharing ideas, inspiration, and influences. Nicki and Tim Bluhm came over to serenade us with some sweet songs. We spent the evening drinking wine, enjoying the view, and getting to know each other. 

Day 2 Anne Sage (City Sage blog and Rue Magazine) talked to us about all things social media and how to make it work for us. We also had the opportunity to watch a styled shoot for Rue Magazine. Erin, from Apartment 34 styled the shoot and Anne from Rue was there to direct. It was so much fun to watch them put together a lovely little scene and see Noa photograph it. We all just gathered around- it was awesome!! I can’t wait until that issue comes out later this summer. We also got to hang with Chloe Aftel who stopped by for a quick & amazing Polaroid session! We got to test out her cameras and take 2 portrait pictures. I've posted the photo that Aimee Adams took of me: blog, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. I love Polaroids and it was so great that Chloe could come show us the light :)

Leaving the Workshop, I feel inspired, confident, lucky. I feel like I have the confidence to stand by the work that I create. I'm going to work my butt off trying to achieve my goals, both professionally and personally. A super huge thank you again to Noa Azoulay-Sclater and Stacy and the 15 other photographers for creating this opportunity to gather, learn, and love. 

Meal support by Square Meals SF and Batter Bakery, Caroline was there from Woodnote Photography to photograph the workshop, and Stacy was Noa's super-assistant! Video was taken and interviews done by Drew and Rachel. 

there was definitely a yellow theme on day one. luckily i wore my yellow shoes :)

rory, from rory amber photography & whitney, from rosie calligraphy

the glorious nick bluhm

looking out at the top of the beach house

a few sneaky peeks at the rue magazine shotsanne and noa looking over the shots

noa and becka review polaroids

chloe aftel's cameras & chloe & noa check out our polaroid gems

noa creating a polaroid portrait of caroline, from woodnote photographyadditional links to my new pals in the photos: Rory from Rory Amber Photography, Whitney from Rosie Caligraphy, Becka from Studio222 Photography