New Garden

Over the weekend, my husband and I embarked on a juice cleanse (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). At times it was harder than I thought and other times it was super awesome!!! I am glad that we've done it. Mostly I was surprised at how time consuming it was to make all the juice for both of us. It was about 180 oz per day (90oz per person). My cravings were all sweets, which came as little surprise to me. But I am realizing that my sweet tooth does need some taming once this cleanse is over. I'm eager to learn more about nutrition and being kind to my body. I found Juicing Book to be an amazing resource (don't mind the outdated look of the site). I want to learn more about the veg/fruits that work together and those that don't work together... usually I just throw stuff in a juicer! Lots to learn, I guess. 

One thing that was great was all the time we spent at home! No running around doing errands or playing. It was so nice to be home. Chris and I both got a lot done! I got a lot of photography done, 11/12ths of my taxes, and planted a little vegetable garden. I can't wait until I can juice my new veggies and greens. I planted bell peppers, chard, kale, and watercress. It took the dog about an hour to run through the planter bed, jumbling up half my plants! Ugh!!! Any thoughts on how to keep her out??? Luckily, I was able to take a few photos before she ran through.