For Sale

Woohoo- it's time to sell some stuff. Get it out of our garage so that we can make room for our floors that are supposed to be delivered later this week. 

2 Chippendale chairs, $100/pair. This chair has a white finish and the other has been sanded. They're cool chairs, I just have run out of time and space to re-finish them. Your gain... looks like you can turn quite a profit on these guys! This is the frist link I found for a cleaned up version of these crazy chairs. SOLD

Ikea bookshelf, $100. Great shape, just not the right style for our new place... it almost reaches our 8ft ceiling. Solid wood and disassembles. Also has a level system at the bottom. Available next week. 


Sander, $5. No commentary. Husband assumes it works, we can check it before you come over ;)


Metal sliders for the inside of cabinets, $5 for all. Taken from the kitchen, before the remodel. SOLD


Wall mounted microwave, $25. Seen here, in the old kitchen.


Awesome West Elm Desk, $100. Like new, only used for 1 year. Great for small spaces because it expands! 


9 Gallons Martha Stewart paint, $50for all ($250 originally). Interior Semi-gloss. My sweet husband wanted FLAT. Whoops!! Great colors! Seen here in our living room and kitchen and here in our son's room- stripes!! 


Living room carpet, $20. They put this carpet in our home before staging it, so it was in for just a few short months before we pulled it. No stains. Probably 25ft x 13ft. Seen here in the old living room! SOLD


Big Black Suitcase, $5. Well-loved

Chicco Baby Carrier, $5. New in box, never used. 


Wire baskets, set of 4 (2 not pictured), $10 for all. The two in the photo are band new- just took them out of the plastic. The other two have been used for 1 month for clothes. SOLD

Oven & Stove Combo, $50. From the old kitchen. Seen here. SOLD


Double bed... Mattress, Boxspring, and metal frame, $20. The boxspring is in good shape. The mattress is older, but fine. We needed a trundle bed in the guest room so we don't need the double bed anymore. SOLD

Poster Tubes, $5 (originally $30) . A full box of 35. They look like this... pictured next to the cute sleeping baby!


2 Sliding closet doors (mirror), free. From the remodel... working just fine!

2 interior doors, $20 for both. From the remodel... working just fine!

Ikea coat hanger, $5 (originally $30). We have closets now and don't need it :)

Big ole mirror, $10. From remodel- seen here above the fireplace. SOLD

Cabinets, $20. Upper cabinets from kitchen. seen here before the remodel.