Camp Mighty Photos are on Fire!

I am a lucky gal! My Camp Mighty photos have been making the rounds this week! I couldn't be happier- thanks for all the love!! They were used on Huffinton Post, AB Chao, Alice Bradley (photos of her!), 50 Shades of Peach (photos of her!), and Mighty Girl herself!! Here's the little (I mean, BIG) roundup of my recent press :)

WOOHOO! Emily Petrone is sporting her Santlers bag that she made with the Craft Pack Gals!


Anna Beth Chao rocking the style presentation at Camp Mighty! "5% fun, y'all!"

Thanks, @flinslippy :)


Alice also wrote this on the Go Mighty site, "Thank God I had Kate to ease me through the session and remind me where my hands went. It was actually…fun? I never cried or threw up? When the results came, I had to look at them through my fingers, like I am a child. But they turned out not even a little weird!"


Peach, from 50 Shades of Peach, said some lovely things about the photos I took of her, "It’s difficult to put into words, but in a nutshell, she “got me” on film. I looked at them and thought, “Wow, that’s me. Yep, there’s my little bit of sass in that one. Oh, she made me look so pretty in this one. Man, I look happy.” They’re perfect and I love them so much."

Maggie did a post on AB Chao's style presentation!

And all the greatest Camp Mighty photos have been posted to Flickr- if you're in a photo, go tag yourself!