Camp Mighty Photos: Day Two

A week late, but that's ok, right? Here are some fine snaps from Day Two of the Camp Mighty festivities last week at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. 

Bing and Wantist gave us ALL gifts based on items on our life list! They were personal and so well done!! I got the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook along with sweet recipe cards from Yellow Owl Workshop. Thanks, Bing & Wantist! Amber Marlow received the nicest personalized stationery from Hello Lucky. She loved them and you can tell- look how big her smile is below!

The Ace Hotel doesn't mess around for meal times. They fed us well and I appreciated every piece of delicious food that I did not have to prepare, cook, or clean up. (Spending time and money on food & eating is a daily chore for me).

Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo Balloons gave out NED yo-yos (Never give up, Encourage Others, and Do your best) as a supplement to her awesome and inspiring story of how she's become The Balloon Girl. 

We made super classy crafts with the Craft Pack girls- Alison (of the alison show) & Susan (of freshly picked). Bing supplied us with all the materials for us to make leather key chains, freezer paper stencil tote bags, and other crafty holiday surprises. I made a bag... check out my Instagram photo :)

Maggie, Margaret, and Laura lookin' lovely during lunch. 

The Ace Hotel all decked out for our Space-themed party. I was going to wear a long silver dress but then this happened in my hotel room :(

Smilebooth was there- yay!!

Dancing makes everyone happy. Thanks to Anna Beth (AB Chao), Susan, and Laura for the great costumes and killer-jam moves. 

Poor Pluto is not feeling mighty these days.