New Kid Pants

At the baby shower the other day, I made some little pants for Baby Valentino (not his real name, but my pal is due on Valentine's Day, so it's just a cute little nickname). I was pretty pleased with how they came out so I thought I'd do a quick little post!

We all know to use fabric paint for the best outcome, but the super key to awesome painted clothes is painter's tape!! Standard blue (or green) painter's tape is amazing for perfect lines. The second trick is to use one paint brush (bristles or sponge brush) for each color. If you use the same brush and rinse it off with each color, your brush will be wet and paint will leak under the tape!

I like the look of these simple pants with zig-zags (or chevron pattern, if you're feeling fancy). I think low contrast paint would also work well! Have you ever tried painting clothes? How did they turn out! Are there other tips you'd recommend??