The Lucky Couples

Guess what?! I had such a hard time deciding that I chose two lucky couples. Couple #1: Susan and Ted live in San Francisco...

Susan and Ted are lucky because they found each other and fell in love! They're also lucky winners of my big giveaway contest! Susan sent me a lovely email detailing their sweet courtship. I'd like to share Ted's Proposal, as told by Susan:

"In early December I was making one of Ted's favorite dinners and he went to unpack the last box remaining from our move. After a few minutes he called to me in the kitchen, saying that there was one item left in the box that he needed help with. Hands covered in chicken grease, I walked into the living room to find Ted pulling a gorgeous ring out of the box and getting down on one knee to ask me to marry him. He certainly was able to make it a complete surprise! I accepted, and managed to burn our dinner, so we shared a bottle of wine and passed a quiet and blissful evening."

Here's a self-portrait of Susan & Ted:

Couple #2 is Meg and Max. These lucky lovebirds live in Seattle and will marry on the Washington coast this fall. Here is their rockin' entry, a video Max made for Meg on their 1 year anniversary of dating. 


Congratulations to our big winners and really, to anyone who's in love! And special thanks to everyone who entered. Y'all rule. Thanks for your enthusiasm, videos, haikus, stories, and in-loveness!