Iron Craft: Week 1

It's the first week!! Iron Craft Challenge #1 was to make something to bring some sparkle & light into those long winter nights. This was a collaborative project I did with my 2 year old son. I love involving him in as much as I can, and making ornaments is certainly no exception :) We gathered up the pinecones at our local Christmas tree farm, brought them home, and proceeded to drench them in elmer's glue and perfect glitter. They shine and sparkle -and make me smile tons and tons. We both loved every minute of it.

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Week 2 challenge is to design a 'draft dodger' or a 'door snake' to keep the heat in and cold out. We'll see if I do this... we don't really have doors in our house and limited heat. I'm afraid we need way more help than a 'door snake' can provide. Hmmm...