Art Show at the Old Mint

"On Saturday and Sunday, February 12 and 13, San Francisco Museum and Historical Society will bring together more than 20 San Francisco neighborhood historical associations to create mini-museums in the Old Mint, showcasing their unique contributions to our City. Through photographs, videos and story-telling, each will show how the past has shaped its, and our, future. In addition, special art will be on display including large acrylic-on-wood panels by Frank Alan Zimmerman, depicting San Francisco in the 1850s."
-San Francisco Museum and Historical Society website

Hey, guess what?! Frank Alan Zimmerman is my brother!! If you're new to my blog, or live under a rock you may not have seen these posts: Wedding Painter or Movie Maker, but this exhibit is going to be the grandaddy of them all- the dude is majorly talented. He's painted 3 large-scale panels of historically accurate scenes from early SF history. Let me tell you: you're going to be blown away. Here's a sneak peek at one of them, which measures 5+ feet wide. 

The Details: 

Saturday & Sunday, February 12 & 13 at the SF Old Mint Building, 88 5th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Hours for the San Francisco History Project are 11 to 4 PM each day. Alan will be there all day, both days, if you'd like to shake his hand and say hello.