First Day of School

Ok, yeah, I know I've been writing many a post about our boy. But, he's pretty irresistible and I'm his mom, so that's my job. Today was a big milestone: his first day of school! We've just started at Puddle Jumpers and our boy went today from 9-5. The went to the park, read books, played with glue and paint, etc.! My biggest worry at the start of the day was the nap situation. All the kids (most of them are 3ish) nap together on the floor on their own sweet little blankets, with their sweet little stuffed animal or whatever. I had visions of our boy (who's 20 months) roaming around aimlessly and eventually just not napping. But I'm happy to report that he napped with the rest of the sweet little monkeys. I arrived to work my shift while the kids were still asleep so I was able to catch a peak with the video camera on my phone. You can also see the Daily Kid Pic here taken during craft hour. 

I'm working on wrapping up a few work-related projects so I haven't had much extra time to write about fun things like shopping or gardening. Now that the boy is off to school twice a week, we'll have more time to write about all the treasures I find & create.