Baby Shower

Last weekend I had the good fortune to co-host a baby shower for our favorite pals, Cati and Arne. Cati and I go way back to the summer 2001 or 2002, when BFF Marie and I lived on Boulevard. Cati and Marie were friends from schooling at Agnes Scott and traipsing around France together. She left for San Francisco before I did, met and married Arne (girls rock movie!!!) and now they are expecting a little one next month! Cati is unstoppable and fabulous so we were so happy to put together a shower to celebrate both Cati and Arne's awesomeness. Dino and Sierra opened their home and fed us delicious foods. Their two kids helped with decorations. I contributed invitations and Jenn brought crafts for all of us! She brought awesome fabric scraps and plain onesies for us to decorate using irons and fusible web stuff (can't remember the name of it... will update soon!). I made the eggplant one because Cati has a tattoo of an eggplant on her hip- perfecto! Everyone had a great time! Hooray!