Quite Possibly The Coolest Wedding Ever

I first noticed photos from this jaw-dropping wedding on my pal, Ann Larie's Flickr stream a few weeks ago. And then last night I saw a few more on Flora Grubb's blog. I was hooked. I spent an hour (not working) pouring over the amazing images, sweet anecdotes from the wedding, and gushing over their vows! A lot of the floral décor is tillandsia, one of my faves! If you're tired of prim and proper weddings, this one is for you! There are a TON TON TON more photos on the Feather Love Photography website (if you have an hour to spare!)

The first ceremony was held at Carmel River State Beach, followed by a lunch reception at Monterey Peninsula Country Club Beach House in Pebble Beach. Day 2 was San Francisco… starting at the Palace Hotel and big ceremony bash was held at Flora Grubb Gardens, complete with a pedal powered ferris wheels, karaoke, photobooth, a tiny tea party, and a grilled cheese sandwich station!

Here are their vows along with a sweet intro paragraph (published on Feather Love Photography), along with a few favorite photos. 

K & J were sweet enough to allow me share them here. Rather than repeating a set of traditional vows, the couple alternated speaking promises to each other. Jonathan: “We know that great relationships thrive because of the countless small things each person does for the other, the way they interact day to day, and we wanted our vows to reflect that. I’ve done enough project management to know that commitments should be specific and measurable, and these are the most important commitments I’ve ever made.” Kestrin: “Our wedding vows have already become real guidelines for our relationship. I can actually reference them when he needs to take out the trash or I need to focus on solving a problem instead of getting quiet or resentful.”

“Jonathan: I vow to love you
Kestrin: I vow to love you
J: to respect you
K: to always make fun
J: to be your best friend ever
K: to constantly generate a force field of awesome to guide and protect us
J: to do what I love
K: to actively maintain our relationship
J: to be lucky
K: to live a charmed life
J: to live as long as possible
K: to ask nicely for what i need
J: to communicate my feelings effectively
K: to live a life of hilarious bliss together
J: to provide for you
K: to solve problems
J: to make time for you every single day
J: to remain curious
K: to stand by my man
J: to put our relationship first
K: to build a community around us
J: to build a family life together
K: to give you babies
J: to change the diapers on those babies
K: to be great parent
J: to sing with you in the morning
K: to give you shoulder rubs, intermittently, for as long as we both shall live
J: to remember how lucky I am
K: to rock out with our great grandchildren
J: to take you on one hundred honeymoons
K: to maintain a menagerie
J: to clean up
K: to sing songs to you
J: to speak for you when you sing your voice out
K: to throw radical parties
J: to be faithful to you
K: to take joy in doing nice things for you
J: to be compassionate
K: to be devoted
J: to be committed
K: to be happy
J: to Listen to you
K: to support you
J: to stay with you forever
K: Do you vow to be my husband?
J: I do. Do you vow to be my wife?
K: I do.”