Win a Wedding Workshop with Jose Villa

Jose Villa is an off-the-hook photographer (he shoots mostly weddings). Once or twice per year he hosts photography workshops. I would love nothing more than a 4-day work jaunt to Mexico, but can't afford the cost. Lucky for me, he's having a contest to win an all-expense paid trip for the November workshop.

All I have to do is submit a super stellar, kick ass video… has to be all of 12 seconds long. He picks the top 3 and then everyone gets to vote. Deadline? This Wednesday. What the what?! This Wednesday?! Holy smokes, kids! Time to kick it into gear. Do you like how I resisted saying "get 'er done"? I guess I didn't really resist! I'll try harder next time.

With very short notice, I'm weary I'll be able to accomplish this. But I am thinking if I blog about it, I'll feel a little more accountable for following through with this project (like my goals for 2010). I'll obviously keep y'all posted.

Full details here