I think winter in SF is starting to bring me down. I'm tired of being all bundled up all the time. And, oh, I know it's probably colder wherever YOU live, but I'm also guessing that you have heat! Right now, we are living a life without heat, and not by choice like these folk. We had a wood-burning stove, but are in the long process of getting gas heat. So our place runs at about 58 degrees. Not awesome, but we'll survive. We have a space heater in our bedroom and one in our son's bedroom. Oh, I digress! This post is not supposed to be about our heat situation. I'm tired of winter so I cleaned off my bedside table and bought some lovely flowers! It's much more pleasant to wake up to fresh flowers & my 2 books than the stack of magazines and my clothes from the night before. I highly recommend this to get you through the final push to spring!

On a side note, anyone else reading (or read) Nuture Shock or Omnivore's Dilema? I'm currently reading both and am really enjoying them!