Our Weekend

A great weekend was had here on the homefront. Chris and I recently celebrated our birthdays... we're both Virgos! My family came 'round for a lovely brunch on Saturday afternoon. My stepdad made these killer breakfast burritos and I made pancakes. In lieu of birthday cake, we picked up a few pints of ice cream from the super delish Humphry Slocombe... Tahitian Vanilla, Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, Hibiscus Iced Tea (sorbet), and Secret Breakfast (whiskey and cornflake clusters). They were all a big hit with the family!

Sunday was a big fun football day. Some friends came over and we all sat around... been waiting for 8 months to do that. Highlights include Packers great win against the Bears and Dynamo Donuts!

Throughout the weekend, we tested out the new Beatles Rock Band (happy birthday, Chris). Everyone approves, even the baby, who's quite enamored with the drumsticks!