Our Bathroom

I love our bathroom! A nice bathroom in a rental is hard to find, my friends! The bathtub is deep and luxurious, the windows are the coolest in the land, and there is a great nook for plants. Nice paint, recessed lighting, and lots of storage are other plusses.

To decorate, I photocopied a few favorite images from a book with photos from the early 1900s and framed them in inexpensive Ikea frames. WIth the humidity of a bathroom, I didn't want to put up anything fancy that could get ruined. This is a great way to display art and keeps with the tailored look of our vintage-modern bathroom. (I know vintage-modern is an oxymoron, but I'm using the term anyway. If you've got a better term, I'm all ears.)

One nice thing about renting is you find out things you love or hate in a house. We will never ever ever have white tile anywhere in our home! It's impossible to clean without bleaching the crap out of it! And after you bleach it, it stays white for about 11 seconds. Needless to say, I took this photo 10 seconds after cleaning the bathroom. Another thing we'll never have is cabinets with little ledges. Holy hell, they're hard to clean.