New Poster!

My brain works and arranges things by color. It's much easier to find things if they're arranged by color. Clothes, stacks of envelopes, icons in my computer dock, even the apps on my iPhone are arranged properly by color.

And my bookcase is certainly no exception. The bookcase is one of my favorite things in our home. So to celebrate my love for it, I've included it in the photos for my new poster! This is the first screenprinted item in the JetKat Shop and we couldn't be more pleased. You need this poster. People need people and beautiful posters, too.

Opaque white ink printed on French Paper (color: Fuse Green, 100# cover weight), the print measures 12.5 x 19 inches. It is the print only and unframed. Check it out in the Etsy Shop.

If you like bookcases as much as I do, check out i suwannee, with a featured bookcase everyday!! So inspiring!

If you want to learn how to screenprint, check out Andy Kane's workshops! I took his class in SF, but he offers them in other cities! Cool!!