The Perfect Alium

Our backyard is starting to resemble something tragic from Grey Gardens. I love the backyard for it's potential; it's tiered with a deck in the back and has a raised bed or two for planting, but I'm sad to report that we haven't been keeping up with it. With the baby around, it's hard to make the time to work outside. Plus, we're renters which is unfortunately a deterrent (...I wonder if my landlord reads this?). I wish I had tons of time to devote to it... maybe someday. It was beautiful a few months ago- roses & blooming weeds. And there are really nice trees (lemon, plums, pears, and some unidentifiable fruits). Right now, though, it's pretty sad.

The next door neighbor has a yellow plum tree and our walkway has become splat central. Something had to be done... there were so many, we couldn't walk around them or ignore them any longer. It was clear that our dog wasn't going to eat them, either. I finally cleaned them all up and put them in a box. The box was so heavy I couldn't carry it up to the compost... hubs gets to do that tomorrow.

As I was cleaning up the 8,254 + tiny yellow plums, I noticed a perfect flower- the only bloom in the entire yard. I decided it was lonely amongst the dead weeds so I cut it and brought it inside where it could be loved and appreciated. Here are a few photos of this incredible alium. It feels like my reward for cleaning up the disgusting mess of plums.