Mirror World

My old friend Parker (that's him over there... I took the photo & he added the carnival) used to have an amazing website for photos from the olden days, called Mirror World. They were mostly found images. I used to have them rotate on my desktop, but since joining the ranks of motherhood, I've replaced them with photos of my baby.

My collection of Parker's found photos is homeless and lonely. So I've created a gallery and added a few of my own to the pack. I'm so excited that they'll once again get to see the light of day. You'll recognize a Sally Mann, a Picasso, Stirling Moss an Abe Linc or two, but most are probably new to you. If you're like me, however, you'll feel a connection to them even if you've never seen them before. I hope to include more, and possibly convince Parker to put the site back up, so we can look at our favorite unknowns whenever we'd like.