Father's Day in the Future

Father's Day in the future will look like this!! Our boy is way too young for this, but I love how simple yet pretty it is!! I don't care if Chris doesn't really use paper, we're definitely doing this project in few years.

From Martha Stewart: Let kids redo this basic office staple as a gift for Dad -- their messages will last well beyond Father's Day.

Wrap a rubber band around a notepad cube and have kids write greetings and make drawings on two sides with a broad, pointy marker. (Fine tips will get caught between the pages.) Move band, and decorate the other two sides. Tie the notepad with a colorful ribbon. As an added gift, slide in a pen.

Sources:Blank note cubes, $4.95 for three, from Oriental Trading, 800-228-2269 or orientaltrading.com.