Our Nursery

Our nursery has been a constant work in progress since we moved into this house last October. It's a rental so we couldn't paint and we didn't have much time to get everything together before the boy arrived in November. The room is about 7x11 and doubles as a guest bedroom. Here are a few photos of the current version. Hopefully we'll get some curtains & artwork hung super soon.

I really wanted to enter the Ohdeedoh's nursery contest, but couldn't get my ducks in a row before last week's deadline. There were only 14 entrants, so I may have had a shot! Maybe they'll run the contest again next year- should have the room all set by then!

The matted poster is by Lonny Hurley for last year's Clem Snide & Liz Durrett show in Atlanta

In the detail shot, the skinned knees artwork is an original by Stephanie Dotson, the sad hippo is a painting by Rizzie Gallego, and I won the Deidre, the hen, from Babble. The Jellycat mouse is a house favorite.