Sale at Cotton Sheep

My favorite kid clothiers is having a pretty cool sale. Cotton Sheep, in San Francisco (Hayes Valley), carries this ridiculously awesome Japanese brand called FITH. The clothes are wildly expensive ($100 for a pair of kid pants... seriously off the charts here). Someone tipped me off that they're having a "value pack" sale. They have 7-8 pieces packaged up (sorted by size and gender) and the whole pack is $100. I got a great pack for my boy. 2 pairs of pants, a zippy, 2 tshirts, a button down shirt, a hat, and a pair of socks!! I was hoping to find something for him to wear to the wedding, but no such luck. Everything is too big, and it'll probably be awhile until anything fits. 

I wish they had an online retailer, but I haven't been able to find one. It's hard to find any info at all on this company. I found a tiny bit of info, but it appears to be in Japanese!

The photo of their window display doesn't do the shop or the clothes justice, but it's all I could sneak since they don't allow photos to be taken inside.