Bird-E Towels

I was talking with a few friends the other days about paper towels. It's a future goal of mine to not use disposable paper towels -maybe it'll be next year's resolution? Susi doesn't use paper towels in her house, so it's definitely doable with a little baby running around.

Don't get me wrong, we not paper towel using fools, we're pretty good about using rags. But we could be better about using napkins at dinner instead of paper towels.

Earlier this year, I came across these lovely unPaper Towels, from Etsy seller AthenaCreates. They are a lovely alternative to paper and I can't wait to start using them! She's done really well selling them, and has changed (and trademarked) the name to Bird-E Towels. She has a great write-up about the towels, including why disposable paper towels are bad:

"What's the problem with paper towels?? The main problem is that the paper towels that most people use are made from virgin tree pulp. That means that trees are cut down and harvested for something that you are going to use ONE time. And then it gets thrown away...adding to the landfill problem. Oh and to make it even worse for the environment, they bleach the pulp releasing toxic chemicals into our environment. (For something that is used one time?!?)"

Check out her shop here